Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chore Charts That Work

I have tried many chore charts for my kids.  After my transplant, I let the boys do quite a few chores to help me out.  Since that time I have taken some of their chores for myself, added some, deleted some and considered new ones.  So which one works the best for us?

I print out their chore charts weekly so that it will be easier to edit them when necessary.  William is the oldest and he is a good worker.  Jonathan is a good worker too but motivating him to get his work finished is a chore in itself.

I have been talking to the boys all along about cleaning after themselves but the thought was getting through so, one day last week I took them into the living room.  They had some assigned chores in that room but I told them they didn't have to do them as long as they took everything out of the room that belonged to them.  Sneaky, huh?  They were amazed at how little they had to do.

So, we still use charts with assigned jobs but on days when I want to show them how easy their chores really are, we clean room to room together.  I give them both a few assignments while I work on one myself and then we move quickly on to the next room.  On Monday we had the house cleaned in 30 minutes or less.  Let me be honest with you, we didn't do the nitty-gritty cleaning - I didn't mop, vacuum or dust anything but the house looked presentable and we were satisfied.

Every once in awhile you have to break things up and see what works for you!  For more WFMW tips, be sure to head on over to the host blog at We Are THAT Family.



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