Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An All Around Blog Post

Have I said lately how much I love PaperBackSwap.com?  I love to read but most books, with the exception of just a few, I don't read more than once.  When other members request and receive a book that I have posted, then I get a credit to pick a book from the thousands that are listed on their site.  I've received several books lately that I have been interested in reading but didn't necessarily want to buy; and let's face it, who wants to pay $15 to $20 for a book and then really hate it?  This book (to your right) came in the mail today.  Jonathan is waiting a half semester before beginning cursive and I have been looking for something for him to do in the meantime.  He doesn't love writing at all but I think this fun little workbook will help.

The Diet Saga - I call it a saga because it just goes on and on.  What should I do?  How much should I do? - You know the drill.  The main thing I do know that whatever program, diet or way of eating that I choose, it has to be one that I can stick with for life.  If I don't, whatever progress I make will not stick with me either.  I have decided to go with a simple calorie-controlled diet.  Whether the food is low fat or low carb I can still eat what I choose as long as I count the calories.  Of course I have a iPhone app to help me count the calories and I love it.  It logs my foods, counts my calories, keeps up with my exercise and graphs all manner of reports relating to it all - geeky heaven!

Today I received a copy of Ted Dekker's latest book, Immanuel's Veins.  I can't wait to get started, it looks so good!  The people at Thomas Nelson (publicity managers for his book) have given me the opportunity to give away a t-shirt that says "Spread The Love" on my book blog.  Be sure to watch that blog for more details.  I will write my review of his book soon and answer the question that Ted will be reflecting on also in an upcoming blog post of his own, "What is Sacrificial Love?"  I'll let you know here when the giveaway will begin.

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