Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keeping Up With Allowances

My boys get a minimal amount of allowance every week in exchange for help with specific chores.  They are also required to extra things from time to time without "being paid" for it and they know it is because there are somethings we do because we are all part of a family.  

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering who has what. Sometimes William wants me to hold on to his allowance because he is saving it for something or Jonathan might see something while we are out and will want to use only part of his allowance to get it.  Sometimes the hubby will pay the boys for an extra difficult chore outside and tell me "they each earned $2" and I have to remember it.  See what I mean?

Today I came across a wonderful {free} iPhone app called "Kiddy Bank".  It is amazingly simple and is exactly what I need and since I ♥ my iPhone, it will always be near me to add (and subtract!)  allowance when the opportunity arises.
You have a screen that allows you to add the names of your children and set up their "accounts".  Under Weekly Allowance, you add how much money they get every week and the app automatically adds it to their account.  Tap the "credit" button if you want to add extra money to their account or debit if they used some of their allowance or if you "fined" them for whatever reason.

I know for older children they are usually just given their allowance to keep up with and to spend and save as they want.  My 9 year old could probably do that but prefers for me to keep up with it.  My youngest?  Well, I found his birthday check from his PawPaw and Jammie in the hallway last week so I took it and think I will continue to keep up with his money!

It works for me!  For more Works For Me Wednesday tips, be sure to visit We Are THAT Family.



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