Saturday, July 24, 2010

Google and iPhone Make a Good Team

Recently I was at Vanderbilt for some tests and the nurse asked me if I was taking any blood pressure medication.  I told her yes but couldn't remember the name of it.  Every doctor at Vanderbilt has access to my medication list through their computer system but for some reason my blood pressure meds were not on the list.

And I did not have a list of my current meds in my purse (like my mom has encouraged me to do)!

That got me to thinking.  I use my iPhone for numerous tasks, why couldn't I keep a list of my medications on there!?  Google comes to the rescue!!

I uploaded my medication list from my computer (pdf) to Google Documents from my PC and then pointed my iPhone browser to the Google Doc site.  I added Google Docs to my home screen and now all my docs are available at a touch of a button.  This will come in handy when we are at Friday School and another mom is wondering who is on the schedule for the next month - the list is already there!

My Gmail is routed through my phones email program and so are my Gmail calendars (handy!!).  I've been wanting a simple to do app with a check list for my daily things I have to do.  There are plenty of those apps available but it would be so much handier to be able to sync it on my computer without having to open a dozen apps to do so.

Again, Gmail comes to the rescue.  Gmail has a built in task list and by doing the same thing as I did above (iphone browser and adding tasks to my home screen) I now have a task list that can be added to and checked off by either my phone or computer.  Right now I have 3 different task lists:  General, Vacation and Grocery.  Now I wouldn't put my entire grocery list on my task list (I have another computer program for that!) but it comes in handy for quick trips to the store for a few items.

How do you use Google on your iPhone?



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