Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Kind Of Blog Do I Have?

Sometimes keeping up with a blog can feel a little like clocking into work!  I obviously enjoy it though since I have been blogging for 9½ years!  I used to like to journal but when blogs came along, I was hooked.

I still haven't figured out what kind of blog I have.  Some have recipe and food blogs, others have frugal and money-saving blogs.  I love frequenting book blogs and the homemaking and home organization blogs.  I think at times mine has been a little of all of those type blogs, not to mention I like blogging on a more personal level also.  I should probably accept mine for what it is and change the name to Joyful Mother's Smorgasbord!

Today my blog is my book blog!  I have been reading Tracie Peterson's books for several  years now.  She has written over 80 novels and has a passion for history.  Her new book is called Embers of Love and it is set in Texas, 1885.  Tracie is a Kansas native but now makes her home with her family in Montana.

About The Book:  Deborah has completed college and is now headed home to help her family in their logging business.  With her is her best friend Lizzie who is running away from her wedding and a groom that she does not love.  Deborah, a determined match-maker decides to introduce Lizzie to her brother.  Meanwhile she meets the towns new doctor and find she has a greater interest in medicine than the bookkeeping she studied at college.  She is soon caught between her fascination for doctoring and her obligation to her family.  And then there is the doctor...

Sounds like a good read, eh?  Thanks to Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for the opportunity to review this book!



Blogger Mel R said...

I always envy those women who have such lovely focused blogs with some sort of purpose. I think I'm too scattered to accomplish it myself! I'm not consistent with any one particular thing.

October 13, 2010 at 1:04 PM  

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