Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes It's The Big Things

One day in early March BK (before new kidney), I was sitting in a reclining lawn chair on the deck enjoying the sunshine.  The chair was next to the railing and I used that to help myself up.  I was surprised to find out that I almost didn't have the strength in my legs to get myself up!  My health was failing on many levels.

Today I took the boys outside for reading time.  Fall is in the air and it was the perfect time to enjoy the weather.  As I sat reading, I began to recall that day in March.  I was sitting in the same lawn chair by the same railing.  The leg pain from the rejection meds got me to wondering if I would be able to stand up when it came time to come inside.

Obviously I made it inside! ::grins::  I stood up easily with the minimum of pain.  I'm thankful for the small blessings AND the big ones.



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